Sonntag, 11. April 2010

SABcontrol and SABcontrolPlus v1.4 published

Hello everyone!

It's been some weeks now since the last update so it was time to publish a new one.

Also some big news: I decided to create a paid version of SABcontrol called SABcontrolPlus.

No worries, the free version will still be developed along with the paid version, however it will have of course less functionalities.

First I'll get to the changes in SABcontrol v1.4:
- Direct download of NZB files from external applications (1 per day)
- Change download category
- View download history

The first version of SABcontrolPlus is also released under the version 1.4. It costs 0.99 EUR (donators will get a refund on the donate version) and has the same functionalities as SABcontrol, but on top of this here's what you get:
- Direct download of NZB files from external applications (unlimited)
- Set speed limit
- Change NZB order (move to top, up, down, to bottom)
- Delete download history (all or single items)

The direct download of NZBs has been tested with Astro and Linda file managers. It also works with direct NZB links from the browser: you have to download them (save link) and open the download from the download history page (menu+d) with SABcontrol(Plus).

I hope you'll be happy with the newest changes and the new paid version.



  1. BinsearchDroid and SABControl Plus are not on the market anymore?

  2. Hmm I just tried and all my apps are still in the market...

  3. i agree... Sabcontrol plus is not on market anymore... i have this app purchased... but now its not showing on the market or on my download list....

    Please check and fix this problem

  4. I just checked again everything with my HTC Desire on Froyo and all my apps are in the market. This is most likely related to a ROM you flashed.

  5. Hi there, I bought the plus version today and configured it.. I'm able to search nzb matrix but after I click download, it does not get added to the queue.. The status just says waiting for download, then even after a refresh. Is there currently a glitch?