Freitag, 19. März 2010

SABcontrol v1.3 published


Here's the new version of SABcontrol:
- added SSL support
- minor fix: queue update problem when the server is not reachable

Have fun!


  1. First I want to apologize for not writing in German but I'm Swedish so you have to deal with it. :-)

    Thanks for a wonderful app! I use it more or less everyday and as I travel from work about one hour its great that your downloads are ready when you get home.

    Will you add support for multiple servers? I got two different servers and I have to change the settings every time I want to change server. Maybe not that big deal but support for multiple should not be a problem and improve the quality and make life easier for more than just me I guess. I'm really not making a request and I'm not taking for granted that you will honor my idea. But if you think the idea is as good as I do. Please implement it.
    Thanks a lot for this super software!

  2. Hi Adde,

    no worries about not writing in German, actually you should have written in French anyway since I'm a french guy ;)

    I'm really glad to hear that my app is being used at least by some people other than me almost everyday :)

    I know what you mean with the multiple servers and I was shortly thinking about it since I also have sometimes the issue when testing. I'll put this on my todo list. :)

    Enjoy the week-end,

  3. This just sounds like the greatest app.
    How do I connect to my server? Just the regular settings I use to connect to the webinterface through a browser doesn't seem to work..
    Thanks for your time.

  4. Hi bas, please send me an email to describe your problem.

  5. Is there any way to access the source? I would very much like to add newzbin api support for myself :)

  6. Hi Werner,

    sorry but I don't wish to share the source code.

    However I'm not sure why you'd like to add newzbin support since this is implemented on sabnzbd+'s side. You just have to enter the newzbin ID in the field when you add a NZB and this will be automatically downloaded by sabnzbd (if you entered an account).

  7. Hi I want to tell you your app rocks. Simple an fast !
    I have a feature request that I'd like to share, of course take it as an idea and pursue it if you like it.

    - Display download history. Very useful when you have RSS automatic downloads.

    Thanks and keep up the good work !

  8. First of all, thanks a lot for a great app! Really appreciated!

    However, each time i chose to browse för a NZB-file and press the button with an arrow pointing upwards, I get a force close. How about implementing a function which automatically sends you a log file each time one gets a force close?

    Secondly, since i live in a country where paid apps are not yet available, I hope you don't stop developing the free-version and go for only a paid one. However, I'm sure we're quite a few who'd be glad to donate a sum via PayPal. And please, keep on working on this excellent program. I've seen a lot of good apps which had great potential but where the developer stopped pushing updates. SABcontrol is the best one there is in this area.

    And once again, thanks a lot for your great effort in this great (and lifesaving) app.


  9. Hi people,

    thanks for your encouraging comments.

    I'm working on the history :)

    that's odd with the force close. Can you send me some logs using "adb logcat"? Since I'm not expecting the exception, I don't catch it and thus cannot send logs ;)

    I won't stop developing the free version, but there are good chances that there will be a paid version with more features.

    I started this app for myself and implemented the features I needed. Then I started adding features I don't need (like SSL) because of users' requests. This is all in my free time and I'm not doing this for the money but I must admit that I'd be glad to have my efforts paying off (nice wordplay ;)). For now I have 6 donations for over 1000 downloads so I hope you understand my scepticism regarding donations.

    Best regards,