Sonntag, 11. April 2010

BinsearchDroid v1.0 released

Lots of news today: next to the release 1.4 of SABcontrol and SABcontrolPlus, I just published a new free app called BinsearchDroid.

BinsearchDroid was created because the android browser doesn't handle correctly gzipped files, so the NZBs saved from are unusable.

With BinsearchDroid, you can search using and either save the NZBs on the SD card (/sdcard/BinsearchDroid) or select to download them. This direct download works of course with both SABcontrol (1 per day) and SABcontrolPlus (unlimited).

Enjoy the app!


  1. Can you please make this 1.5 compatible??? PLEASE. sabcontrol works great on 1.5, but binsearchdroid is not searchable on market with 1.5 :(