Montag, 19. April 2010

BinsearchDroid v1.1 published - Android Cupcake/1.5

Hi *,

I've been asked to make BinsearchDroid compatible to Android Cupcake/1.5 so that's what I just did.

Cupcake users, please search again for it on the market, you should find it now.



  1. Hello,

    I'm using your app on my HTC Desire. I am unable to use SABcontrol as I have issues connecting to my server. I'm using NZB Remote to connect to my server.

    However, BinsearchDroid can't open files directly to NZB Remote. Is it possible to add this as feature?

    Giorgio from Amsterdam

  2. Hi Giorgio,

    I would need to check which intents NZB Remote is listening to, but I can't since I didn't buy it ;)
    Maybe I could check this out if you would send me some logs.

    However I would rather help you setup SABcontrol to get your connection working ;) If NZB Remote is working, there is no reason SABcontrol isn't.

    Are you using SABnzbd 0.4.x? If yes, did you check the option "Old compatibility API" in SABcontrol settings?

    You can send me an email to get some more support.


  3. im using sabcontrol, great app. It works find, but i cant seem to get ssl to work. I loose connection when i enable it in the app and try to connect to the https server in sab

  4. Did you change the port to the corresponding SSL port set in the SABnzbd+ settings?