Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2010

New website and twitter account


I finally created a basic website and a twitter account you can follow for updates. Check it out :)

Samstag, 27. November 2010

BinsearchDroid no longer in the market :(

Check the previous post if you don't know why.

Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

Bad news: BinsearchDroid will be pulled off the Android Market :(

Hi *,

in response to the policy of Binsearch on 3rd party integrations, I'm sorry I have to announce that I must pull BinsearchDroid off the Android Market! It will be unpublished by the end of the week.

I will no longer offer support for the app nor will I distribute it in any other way. That's really too bad but I have to comply. Please let's not discuss that, it's a fact and I can't change it.

Thank you all for using the app and for the supportive feedback about it.

I hope you'll still enjoy using my other apps though. :)


Dienstag, 23. November 2010

SABcontrolDonate unpublished!

Hi everyone,

as I announced a couple weeks ago I pulled SABcontrolDonate off the market since I now have a paid version of SABcontrol.
I want to thank all donators for their support in the early days of SABcontrol! I refunded you all the price you paid for the donate version.
I hope you'll still enjoy using the free or paid app :)


Mittwoch, 10. November 2010

BinsearchDroid v1.4 published - now with ads (can be partially disabled)

Following changes:
- scroll position is retained after viewing the details of a search result or the settings
- can be moved to SD for Froyo
- ads on main page (can be disabled in settings) and in result details

Yes I put some ads in the app. The app is free and I maintain/enhance it in my spare time. I thought I'd give the ads a try. You can disable the ads on the main (search) page if you really are annoyed, just go in the settings. Of course I'd be glad if you would let them on :) However you can't disable the ads on the details page.
I know there are people who don't like ads. These people can then code their own apps if they don't like having free apps with ads. I don't want to start a discussion here, but if you have constructive comments I'd be glad to hear them.

I hope you'll still enjoy the app :)

Dienstag, 9. November 2010

SABcontrol(Plus) v1.5.1 published - Bugfix for BinsearchDroid downloads

Thanks to feedback from Josh, I finally fixed the bug leading to BinsearchDroid downloads not being started (SABcontrol(Plus) loads but no download shows up). This was an issue with the setting "Auto-Refresh" and/or also SSL (SSL active, "Auto accept certificate" not active).

Happy update!

Samstag, 6. November 2010

Users of SABcontrolDonate, please read!

First, I want to thank you for your support.

When I first started SABcontrol, it was just the free version, that's why I created a donate version. Now there is a paid version (SABcontrolPlus) so there's no need for a donate version anymore, it's just more maintenance to do, not much but it's really not necessary.

I want to drop (and will soon) the SABcontrolDonate version. I will contact the buyers of the donate version per email. I will refund you all the price of the donate version. You will then have 2 choices: install the free SABcontrol or buy SABcontrolPlus.

I wanted to offer a 50% discount on SABcontrolPlus but it seems that I can't do this in Google Checkout, sorry. Unless someone knows how it works and can tell me.

Again thank you all for your support.

BinsearchDroid v1.3 published

Same thing as for SABcontrol, I've been busy but wanted to add some more requested features:
- specify where to save the NZB files (new setting "Save folder")
- show collections only (new setting "Show collections only")

There were also a couple bugfixes.

SABcontrol(Plus) v1.5 published

Yes, I'm alive!

I've been very busy the last months (and I still am) but it was time for some new features which were requested by users:
- Temporary pause (menu option)
- Always accept certificate (for SSL, new setting)

I also made lots of bugfixes for reported crashes/freezes.


Sonntag, 29. August 2010

Problems and support


I've been idle for quite some time because I've been busy (and I still am) but I'm still somehow available. If you have issues running any of my app, please please please just send me an email. You can find my email in the "About" screen of the app in the market.
I can't really reply on forums or blogs, I don't always get the notifications and that isn't really practical anyway.

So please send me an email to discuss your problem before you just uninstall the app and leave a negative comment on the market.


Montag, 7. Juni 2010

BinsearchDroid v1.2.1 bugfix release


once again I published a new release without testing it on Android 1.5/Cupcake. Somehow there seem to have been a change with the last SDK update because I didn't do some crazy things in the last release that should break the app on Cupcake...

Anyway, thanks to Brad for telling me about the problem. Now it's fixed :)

Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

SABcontrol v1.4.4 published

Quick post to let you know I added some minor changes to all SABcontrol versions (free, donate and plus):
- added separate port for HTTPS (SSL) in the settings
- changed the terminology in the settings to match SABnzbd's config page (e.g. SABnzbd username, SABnzbd password, Enable HTTPS, HTTPS port, etc...) -> this will hopefully help people when setting up SABcontrol for the first time

Have a nice week-end!

I forgot to tell: if you already have SABcontrol installed and are using SSL (now called HTTPS in the settings), the port that was used will be automatically set as HTTPS port. However if you have troubles connecting to your server using HTTPS, please check the HTTPS port setting.

Freitag, 4. Juni 2010

BinsearchDroid v1.2 published

Hey people,

I took a couple hours to introduce some small new features to BinsearchDroid v1.2:
- added lock icon for password protected collections
- added size filter setting (min/max size in MB)
- added french and german localization


Freitag, 28. Mai 2010

Bugfix release 1.4.3 (minor changes)

It's been a while... Sorry I'm quite busy at the moment. I hope I'll find some time soon to implement some new features.

But for now, here's a minor bugfix release:
- Fixed SSL with compatibility mode enabled
- 2 fixes for potential FC (reported by users)
- Fixed french strings which were not correctly escaped


Montag, 19. April 2010

BinsearchDroid v1.1 published - Android Cupcake/1.5

Hi *,

I've been asked to make BinsearchDroid compatible to Android Cupcake/1.5 so that's what I just did.

Cupcake users, please search again for it on the market, you should find it now.


Donnerstag, 15. April 2010

Bugfix release 1.4.2 for FC on Android 1.5


As I released the newest version 1.4, I have to admit that I didn't test it on Android 1.5. I also missed an API call I made on a method that is available since API level 4 only... This is what caused the FC on Android 1.5 (mostly HTC Hero from what I know), whatever SABcontrol version you had (free, donate or plus).

I have corrected this bad issue I introduced and of course tested the fix on the 1.5 emulator before I released it ;)

Sorry for the inconvenience

Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

Small bugfix release 1.4.1

Hey all,

I just fixed a weird bug. Some crazy intent from the browser while loading a specific site (possibly on other sites as well) was fired over and over again and sent over to SABcontrol where it actually shouldn't have (no NZB at all). This issue is now fixed with version 1.4.1.

Thanks again to Marc for his feedback.


Sonntag, 11. April 2010

BinsearchDroid v1.0 released

Lots of news today: next to the release 1.4 of SABcontrol and SABcontrolPlus, I just published a new free app called BinsearchDroid.

BinsearchDroid was created because the android browser doesn't handle correctly gzipped files, so the NZBs saved from are unusable.

With BinsearchDroid, you can search using and either save the NZBs on the SD card (/sdcard/BinsearchDroid) or select to download them. This direct download works of course with both SABcontrol (1 per day) and SABcontrolPlus (unlimited).

Enjoy the app!

SABcontrol and SABcontrolPlus v1.4 published

Hello everyone!

It's been some weeks now since the last update so it was time to publish a new one.

Also some big news: I decided to create a paid version of SABcontrol called SABcontrolPlus.

No worries, the free version will still be developed along with the paid version, however it will have of course less functionalities.

First I'll get to the changes in SABcontrol v1.4:
- Direct download of NZB files from external applications (1 per day)
- Change download category
- View download history

The first version of SABcontrolPlus is also released under the version 1.4. It costs 0.99 EUR (donators will get a refund on the donate version) and has the same functionalities as SABcontrol, but on top of this here's what you get:
- Direct download of NZB files from external applications (unlimited)
- Set speed limit
- Change NZB order (move to top, up, down, to bottom)
- Delete download history (all or single items)

The direct download of NZBs has been tested with Astro and Linda file managers. It also works with direct NZB links from the browser: you have to download them (save link) and open the download from the download history page (menu+d) with SABcontrol(Plus).

I hope you'll be happy with the newest changes and the new paid version.


Freitag, 19. März 2010

SABcontrol v1.3 published


Here's the new version of SABcontrol:
- added SSL support
- minor fix: queue update problem when the server is not reachable

Have fun!

Donnerstag, 11. März 2010

SABcontrol v1.2.1 published

Small update for bugfixes:
- list of downloads is cleared correctly if connection is lost (e.g. after shutting down the server)
- fixed an exception when the queue status (paused/resumed) never changed after the first start of SABnzbd+ 0.4.x preventing SABcontrol to retrieve the information correctly, leading to the status "Server not running or unreachable"


Montag, 8. März 2010

SABcontrol v1.2 published

Hey people!

I finally managed to release a new version with some fixes. Here's the change log:
- fixed font shrinking problem on HiRes devices (hopefully ;)) by adding large screen support
- fixed OutOfMemoryError when uploading big NZB files from device (> 2 MB)
- fixed problem adding URLs with a space in the path
- generalized error message when adding NZB fails
- file chooser opens in /sdcard instead of /
- now compiled with Android 1.6 SDK but still compatible to Android 1.5 devices

Have fun!

Samstag, 20. Februar 2010

SABcontrol v1.1 published

Hi there!

The first update has just been published.

SABcontrol 1.1 has 3 new features all related to adding NZBs:
- select a category when adding a NZB
- add NZB from file (including filesystem browser)
- add NZB from Newzbin ID (unfortunately partially tested as I don't have a Newzbin account)

I also added a donate version if you like the app and would like to support the development :)


Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010

SABcontrol v1.0 released on the Android Market!

Yeah!!! I have just released my first android app on the market... and it's free!!! ;)
So go ahead if you use SABnzbd as I do.

Here's a list of features:
- Pause / resume queue
- Pause / resume /rename / delete download
- Add NZB from URL
- Shutdown SABnzbd (>= 0.5.x)
- Manual or automatic refresh (settings)
- Compatibility mode for SABnzbd 0.4.x (limited functionalities)
- localized in 3 languages (settings): english, french and german

I tested it on my HTC Magic (Android 1.6) and also on the virtual devices (2.0 and 2.1). However I can't guarantee you that there will be no problem, as I noticed from my last issue just before releasing the app... :)

I'd be glad to get some feedback about the app, so feel free to post a comment here or send me an email. But please if you do have problems, send me an email so that I can help you and don't enter some senseless comments in the market without even trying to solve your problem.

Thanks and have fun!


Hi there,

Welcome to my projects page! :)