Samstag, 20. Februar 2010

SABcontrol v1.1 published

Hi there!

The first update has just been published.

SABcontrol 1.1 has 3 new features all related to adding NZBs:
- select a category when adding a NZB
- add NZB from file (including filesystem browser)
- add NZB from Newzbin ID (unfortunately partially tested as I don't have a Newzbin account)

I also added a donate version if you like the app and would like to support the development :)



  1. I am not able to get it to connect to my server.

  2. Please send me an email to describe the problem and what you tried so far. We'll get it running... :)

  3. I also can't get it to connect to my server, so will drop you an email but could you please confirm whether the server host has to just be the IP/DNS name of the server or whethr the full path to sabnzbd is needed (i.e. or\sabnzbd\) ?

  4. Hey Charles, check your emails ;)

    And yes, the server host is intended to be the IP only.

  5. Hi,

    is it ssl compatable ? i have "cannot connect" error and my server is ssl only..


  6. SABcontrol is not yet SSL enabled. Actually it's working in my current head code but I still have to deal with accepting the certificates since I guess some people might not be so glad that I accept any certificate without prompting the user... ;)

    However even if SABnzbd has SSL enabled, it it's still possible to use SABcontrol, just without SSL. For that don't put the SSL port in the settings but the regular port.

  7. Hi,

    I found this app through the android market and can't seem to get it to work. I get the "Server not running or unreachable" message.

    I have the server host set to and the server port set to 8080. i've tried enabling/disabling SSL in your app with no luck. I've always double checked the api, un, and password, to make sure they all match up.

    Can you help?

    greg [at]

  8. Hi Greg,

    I sent you an email :)